Menopause gyn Doctor Los GatosThere are a wide range of resources here for you to explore.  A quick thought about the Mind-Body therapies:  Mind-Body therapy comes in many forms. And my advice is they are like shoes, you need to try them on to see how they fit. What works for me may not work for another.


BREATHWORK – From all my learning and experience this is a cornerstone to health, just like sleep, food, water, air and connection. Breathwork comes in many different forms. Start simple and be curious always checking in with how you feel. Doing a scan of our senses is an easy guide–sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. Not all will give you feedback but they bring us back to our body in the moment.

4-7-8 Breath:

Andrew Weil:

Pranayama app for Droid:

Pranayama app for iPhone:


PROGRESSIVE MUSCLE RELAXATION(PMR) – This is a way to retrain our brain to identify tension and relaxation. Done with a little guided imagery makes it more effective. And if you are like me sometimes I just need to listen to someone guide me thru as I can begin to rush or get distracted.

Dan Johnston PhD look for “Undoing Stress”


MINDFULNESS – Mindfulness, prayer, relaxation response, meditation are all similar and create a quieting of the brain. A letting go or detachment from “sticky thoughts”, “monkey mind” or “cocktail party in my head” as some describe it!

Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD

Bob Stahl PhD

Shaylin Ebert, LMFT, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (  408-933-8404

Renee Burgard, LCSW, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction ( 650-269-4807

Herb Benson MD at Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine

Amy Saltzman MD

Multi faith website

Online Irish Prayer site

Thomas Keating at

Jack Kornfield

Zen Meditation at Green Gulch Farm

Mount Madonna Center


GUIDED IMAGERY/HYPNOSIS – Like hypnosis, guided imagery is a way or directing your imagination toward a relaxed and focused state. It is based on the premise that our mind and body are connected and what we imagine as real, our body reacts as though it IS real. Guided imagery and hypnosis are both excellent tools for promoting relaxation and reducing problems related to stress.

Cynthia Mc Donald PhD

Martin Rossman MD at Academy for Guided Imagery

Martin Rossman MD at The Healing Mind

Steven Gurgevich, PhD

Belleruth Naparstek – Health Journeys

Kaiser Health Journeys Guided Imagery Programs


BIOFEEDBACK – Sometimes it is encouraging and helpful to get feedback on how we are doing a technique these sites do just that.


How Stress Affects the Body

Institute of HeartMath


YOGA, TAI CHI, Qi GONG, BODYWORK, DANCE – All these practices take breathing, moving our bodies and energy to a therapeutic level. My experience was to think Qi gong was too simple and not enough exertion to be of value but every time I would finish the Qigong in Bob Stahl’s Stress Reduction Course I would come home and tell my husband “I don’t know what it is but I know I really like it!! Bob’s teacher is Marcy Reynolds and has drop in classes. We are blessed with many yoga studios. try them all out until you find your fit.

Breathe Los Gatos

Los Gatos Recreation Center – Marcy Reynolds

Yoga Source

Claire Alexander

Zohar School of Dance & Company


MUSIC AS  THERAPY FOR DEEP RELAXATION – Sound waves have different frequencies and can affect the body. There have been developed wonderful CD’s for relaxation. Check these out!

Kimba Arem and

Joshua Leeds


WRITING – Techniques of journaling and disclosure are very effective at resolution of conflict.

“ For the next four days, I want you to write about the most upsetting emotional experience of your entire life. In your writing, I want you to really let go and explore your deepest thoughts and feelings about this experience. You might link your experience to your childhood, your relationship with your parents, your close relationships with others, or your career. You might tie it into who you have been in the past, whom you would like to be in the future, or who you are now. You can write about the same emotional upheaval on all four days or about different emotional experiences each day. Your topic could be a specific trauma or simply major conflicts or stressors in your life. Ideally, I would like you to address issues that you have not talked about in detail to others. Whatever you choose, however, it is critical that you really explore your very deepest emotions and thoughts. ”

~ From Dienstfry, H. 1999. Disclosure and health: an interview with James W. Pennebaker, in Advances in Mind Body Medicine p. 161-195.


CEREMONY – Ceremony can be as simple as setting the table, preparing tea or as formal as seen in religious organizations. It is an ancient practice that we are rediscovering it power to heal.

Eileen Pardini

More links to come… Please check back!


ART – Art and craft forms can be a great media to express feelings that are difficult to say with words.

Ericha Scott PhD

Eileen Pardini

Lori Krein Studios

Cindy Gum MA, MFT Sand-Tray Therapy 408-335-9468

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DREAMWORK – Dreamwork involves the wonderful world of symbolism as a source of intelligence.

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NATURE – Does anyone really need convincing how good it feels to be out in nature or simply looking at pictures of nature?

Abhi Ganju MD  (Abhi’s beautiful photos are featured on my website!)

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CANCER – Cancer creates crisis. Here are sites that can help you navigate for yourself or a loved one. Do not hesitate to reach out and call.

American Cancer Society

Cancer CAREpoint

Marita Troubough The Next Step

Breast Cancer Connections

Rachel Naomi Remen MD

State of California Publication

Healing Journeys

Susan G. Komen Foundation

American Cancer Society



Plane Tree Health Information Library


North American Menopause Society

Society for Reproductive Medicine

Vaccine Education

National Osteoporosis Foundation

American Heart Association

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology


Federal Drug Administration

Center for Disease Control