It Takes a Village to Grow a Gynecologist’s Office

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A Grateful Gynecologist

The list of “gratitudes” I have to share is endless, and this post simply begins to scratch the surface. I’ll begin with our patients…

I am blessed with the most wonderful patients in all of creation! A couple months ago, we sent out a Patient Survey and were not sure what to expect in doing so. Your response to the survey has been enormous and I will soon blog on all the details. It is so interesting to see how much you are using healing arts for your wellness, and how you are leaning into the trusted friends and professionals you respect. Finally, I love that you are actively researching and learning about things related to your specific needs.  The tremendous outpouring of curiosity and desire to learn more is exciting!

I am grateful for the support I have through individuals who coach me, edit me, encourage me on, carry me, and on and on. Many hands have helped me put this new website together and support my belief that women have so much to offer the world! I commit to empowering and nurturing you all… One heart at a time.

I open to and trust life, even the parts that feel tough. Thank you for being who you are, for it has helped me to find and be who I am.

With humble appreciation.


About Carole Cook, MD

I am board certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a certified menopause practitioner with the North American Menopause Society. I have practiced in San Jose since 1985 and have been in solo practice since 2003.