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Resources Defined by San Jose Doctor

Resources – A Deep Well of Support

Resources are More than Material Things I heard a yoga teacher speak about how our culture values external “tangible” resources, yet seems to pass over non-tangible resources.  On our journey through life we need to stay aware of both.  What are the non-tangible resources we have available to us? It prompted me to wonder. Here […]

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Self Care and Menopause – Create a Support System

Top 10 Self Care Litmus Tests for Menopause Support… And Life

Create a Support System as You Navigate Menopause Menopause… Why should I care if I have a support system or not? Well, when we enter a new phase of our life, or our business/professional life for that matter, there can be days when we feel like we’ve just been just dumped into the deep end of […]

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