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Reiki for Retrieving Your Vitality During the Perimenopause/Menopause Transition

Guest blog by Chellie Kammermeyer – As a Reiki master with 12 years of experience, I have worked mostly with women. Several of these women have been at the point in their life that they had started to experience “The CHANGE”. The common reaction to menopause is that it’s something to be dreaded, feared, and […]

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Self Care and Menopause – Create a Support System

Top 10 Self Care Litmus Tests for Menopause Support… And Life

Create a Support System as You Navigate Menopause Menopause… Why should I care if I have a support system or not? Well, when we enter a new phase of our life, or our business/professional life for that matter, there can be days when we feel like we’ve just been just dumped into the deep end of […]

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