Reiki for Retrieving Your Vitality During the Perimenopause/Menopause Transition

Guest blog by Chellie Kammermeyer – As a Reiki master with 12 years of experience, I have worked mostly with women. Several of these women have been at the point in their life that they had started to experience “The CHANGE”. The common reaction to menopause is that it’s something to be dreaded, feared, and […]

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Lovin’ the Kitchen

by Guest Blogger Michele Grover February.   Valentines.  Roses.  Chocolate.  Jewelry.   The month of love.  What an interesting thought.  “The month of love.”  I prefer to think every month is the month of love.  And why stop there?  How about every day? Every hour? Every minute?  As that old song says, “what the world […]

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Resources Defined by San Jose Doctor

Resources – A Deep Well of Support

Resources are More than Material Things I heard a yoga teacher speak about how our culture values external “tangible” resources, yet seems to pass over non-tangible resources.  On our journey through life we need to stay aware of both.  What are the non-tangible resources we have available to us? It prompted me to wonder. Here […]

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What is 4-7-8 Breathing? Learn 5 Steps!

What is 4-7-8 Breathing?

Ever Wonder What 4-7-8 Breathing is and What it’s All About? Well… 4-7-8 Breathing, just in case I’ve not yet mentioned it at one of your visits, is a great tool for you to use every day! The steps are very easy and at any moment you can use it to help you to RESPOND […]

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Gynecologist’s Office in Campbell, CA – by Good Samaritan Hospital

It Takes a Village to Grow a Gynecologist’s Office

A Grateful Gynecologist The list of “gratitudes” I have to share is endless, and this post simply begins to scratch the surface. I’ll begin with our patients… I am blessed with the most wonderful patients in all of creation! A couple months ago, we sent out a Patient Survey and were not sure what to expect […]

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Self Care and Menopause – Create a Support System

Top 10 Self Care Litmus Tests for Menopause Support… And Life

Create a Support System as You Navigate Menopause Menopause… Why should I care if I have a support system or not? Well, when we enter a new phase of our life, or our business/professional life for that matter, there can be days when we feel like we’ve just been just dumped into the deep end of […]

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San Jose Gynecologist Jumps for Joy

Gratitude… In the office of this San Jose Gynecologist

What makes this San Jose Gynecologist so filled with Gratitude? Everywhere I turn I find cause for gratitude. From the patients in my San Jose practice to my trusted staff, coaches, family, and colleagues… From my beloved pets to the beauty of nature and beyond… I have gratitude for so much. Granted, there are days […]

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Patient Centered Care is at the Heart of my Practice

Patient Centered Care – It’s About You!

Patient Centered Care… Slick Marketing Catch-phrase or Way of Being in Medicine? More than a catch-phase, for me “patient centered care” is the very heart of my practice. As humans we are all the same in many ways, yet different in so many others. Have you noticed this paradox? We all eat, but we do […]

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