Gratitude… In the office of this San Jose Gynecologist

Jump for Joy now that you have found a great Gynecologist in San Jose!

What has this gynecologist Jumping for Joy?

What makes this San Jose Gynecologist so filled with Gratitude?

Everywhere I turn I find cause for gratitude. From the patients in my San Jose practice to my trusted staff, coaches, family, and colleagues… From my beloved pets to the beauty of nature and beyond… I have gratitude for so much. Granted, there are days I must remind myself to look for the things for which I’m grateful. It’s part of being human. Someone said, “In order to be grateful you need a robust trust in life.” This rings true for me.

One Gynecologist’s Perspective

I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s with an unsaid belief that I could do or be anything I wanted to be or do. I plowed through life pushing ahead. Then I discovered I was lost and tired. My way was not working. Not until I could let go and accept myself and my life…right where I was… could I begin to have a conversation with “life”.

This conversation or relationship I’d describe as less like talking and doing, and more like listening and dancing. More being, less doing… More mindful, less and less rushing. I find mindfulness, and the “presence” it generates, to be a doorway to gratitude. What about you?

This website is a way to create a space where I can communicate with and grow with my patients. For YOU… the reader of this post… I am so grateful you are here.

~ Carole Cook, MD


About Carole Cook, MD

I am board certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a certified menopause practitioner with the North American Menopause Society. I have practiced in San Jose since 1985 and have been in solo practice since 2003.